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Cypress Mortgage will simplify the process for you!  

Our resourses are not only from individual banks but wholesale mortgage companies that compete for your business!  Banks ususlly pull money from only one source, we can pull from hundreds of sources.  We will get you the best rate that you can qualify for.  (831) 465-6700

We can save you time and money by combining real estate services with your mortgage transaction.  Contact us directly to see how this could benefit you.  (831) 465-6700

Let us know how we can help you in the home financing process. If you are you looking to buy a home or considering selling- click here Cypress Realty of call (831) 688-3088

Address & Driving Directions:
3540 Soquel Ave Suite B, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Voice: (831) 465-6700

Fax: (866) 848-5126